Come see Hubers work July 30th

Our first exhibition ever includes C. Anthony Huber.
Get to know him a little before you come and see his work:

Huber’s work captures the beauty and tension caught between erosion and repair. His work explores the behavior of utilitarian materials and artists’ media as they are forced in to communicate on the canvas. His work speaks to our natural human tendency to find patterns, and our predilection to match what we see to what we know.  In composition,  Huber seeks to define patterns that intimate a sense of balance within a process that appears haphazard, experimental and physical in nature.   Stripped of unnecessary information, his intention is to make paintings that are aesthetically pleasing, yet exhibit disquieting factors that engage the viewer at a primal level.

Huber’s art has been featured in the international editions of Fresh Paint Magazine and Art Reveal Magazine, to include the cover. He has exhibited at the Rochester Art Center and regionally and in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Des Moines and at the Boston Biennial IV.  He has upcoming exhibitions in Madison, WI and Denver, CO.

An Attempt, At Center 108 x 48.jpg

Huber_CertainTypeofOrderXXI_48-60.jpg  Huber_AnAttempttoContain_48_60 ggggggggggg

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