Introducing Cynthia Kath

Here is one of the first artist to hang on our gallery walls.

Ladies and Gentlemen…. Cynthia Kath:

“My life work is painting. Above everything else my strongest desire is paint. I love color and I love the grays that surround color; I see and appreciate this nuance in nature. Through my Art I invite viewers to move into the space of my paintings and view part of my vision. I paint abstracts; shapes cloaked in color and light. I try to open my mind and work intuitively. My feelings towards the painting experience have become more distinctive through time. My goal is to continue the study of color, light, space, shadows and their effect in my work.” 
– Cynthia Kath

2011 Crazy Love 36x36 Acrylic.jpeg  Blue Grotto 36 x 36.jpeg

Promise Love Faith  (3) 24x24 Acrylics.jpg




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