C. Anthony Huber talks painting

C. Anthony Huber talks about what inspires his style, his approach and process, and knowing when a painting is finished (or not knowing).

One thought on “C. Anthony Huber talks painting

  1. Loved the explanation of layers and standing back to watch natural things happening.

    I am a new painter, having taken many art classes over many years with lots of rules and no success at ever painting a picture that fascinated me.

    Until about a year ago when I decided to only use a pallette knife and raw umber acrylic paint. And as I hurriedly reached for something to draw a line on my canvas, I picked up a nearby ballpoint pen.

    What happened next did fascinate me.

    The pen and paint and water moved around the canvas creating the bark-like designs of a tree dreamscape and Whispering Woods Art was born. The one brown paint color I used turned to many shades of gray and sometimes blue. Always a surprise. No two trees alike. And I like your comment about knowing when to stop.

    I am lucky enough to sell my canvases at Dwell Local and did demos all day outside at Paul’s 2nd anniversary party.

    I appreciate the things you explained in your art journey which I know never ends. I have started to put a few rocks on some of my canvases. It’s not for everybody but part of seeing what will happen next.

    I saw that you brought up Michelangelo in a way that reminded me of the way I bring up Picasso when talking about my art…he said it took him a lifetime to learn to paint like a child. I’m 74 years old and finally learned the joy of painting like a child.

    I’ll stop in sometime.


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